Santorini Wedding proposals

Yes! Yes! We know it! We are in love with our island! we are Santorinian’s, born and bred, but make no mistake, it is not uncommon for people from all over the world to fall in love with our island, despite the fact that they are not locals!

What is it about Santorini that makes it one of the world’s top wedding destinations? Our island is mystical beautiful and to be honest full of romance, everywhere you look! But just for you, we selected nine places that scream “I love you in Santorini! Join us! If you cannot be bothered to read just look at the pictures!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 1


Santorini’s half-circular Caldera is one of the most amazing and romantic views on the planet! Also is one of the top places that couples take selfies of each other kissing with this amazing background that looks as if the Grand Canyon made love to the mediterranean sea and Santorini’s Caldera was their offspring!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 2


Just at the southern part of the island, this place will mesmerize you with its natural beauty, terracotta and blue colours dancing together by the sea and you hugging the love of your life. The old fortress waits for you to be a king and a queen in a romantic getaway!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 3

Red Beach

If love had a colour it would be red. Meet our Red Sand Beach! Beautiful, idyllic, unique, to lie on it, looking at the sunset and making dreams for the rest of your life. couples have stayed here overnight with a bottle of wine, some Santorinian sundried tomatoes, raisins, cheese and some bread. they had one of the best nights of their lives! 

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 4

Imerovigli Rooftops

Don’t worry! The locals are not going to tell you off! Find the rooftop that you like and enjoy one of the most picturesque sunsets in the world. The sun dives in the Mediterranean and you dive in the arms of your love to steal a kiss. We’ve done it ourselves, all the couples that we know have done and full disclosure, we are still doing it!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 5


Love is red no doubt about it! But you will love to have your pictures taken as you play with black pebbles in the beach full of them! A unique place as unique as your love. We know that it might sound a little cheesy but the magical properties of this place will make you want to fall in love with your special someone again and again. And the sea there is just to die for!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 6


Any place in Oia will make you never want to leave. One of the most romantic villages in the mediterranean sea! Venice? Venice is for tourists! But Oia is for travellers in love! Eat, drink and be merry, because you are on your wedding trip exactly where your hearts have taken you!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 7


Relish the fantastic white and blue architecture, get lost in the small streets of this village and find once more the love of your life smiling at you full of bliss! Explore the Venetian and the Byzantine ruins! You will totally forget anything else, the time of day, what year we are in! After all, this is Santorini! And this will be your wedding week here!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 8

Santorini Volcano

Well, there is not much to say here! if you cannot see yourselves kissing each other over the volcano as the sun sets or through the dawn, well, then you should! When was the last time that you said “I love you” over a volcano, having your burning love displayed with a volcano as a backdrop? Case dismissed!

9 places that scream "I love You" in Santorini 9
Venetsanos Winery Wedding Venue in Santorini island

Santo Winery

Explore and indulge yourselves in siping exquisite wines while looking at each other and breathtaking views! This will be one of the best memories of your lives! No matter where and when you will drink wine ever again, this will be the quintessential wine experience for you and your loved one. Just look at the pictures! You can almost taste the wine and the Mediterranean breeze!  

There is a tenth place, but it is not exclusive to Santorini!

It is where the love of your life is. We are sure that it is one of the most loving places in the world., We have seen it with our own eyes in all the couples that came here to do Santorini Wedding Proposal and get married and have the time of their lives. Maybe it is your turn now!